3.11 Have you met the new Japan?

After Landscape: Designing in uncertainty

My talk at the Japan Foundation in Sydney on Friday 18. March was another humbling experience where I was asked to share what I have witnessed over the past 5 years in post 3.11 Japan:
The disaster that was fully underestimated – as most disasters are.
The destruction that was thought to be a matter of repair and rebuild – but is now clearly not just a clean up exercise.
The trauma of loss – I still have the image stuck in my head of the Sensei who had to slap himself constantly to prevent himself form crying when doing a lecture on the events of 3.11
The beauty of hearing the birds in the vast newly overgrown meadows in Rikuzentakada
The absolute paralysis of seeing these meadows covered by grey tall pyramids of soil
The need and possibility to radically question the ways in which we build and settle the lands

Thank you Elicia for a great opportunity to discuss these thoughts!

Sydney Japan Foundation Talk