AfterLandscape IV – Coursework Masters

I have been teaching afterlandscape as I believe the future generation will need to understand risk and vulnerability of the irreplaceable environment better than anyone before them.

In the course work masters in landscape architecture design research seminar  we have been fortunate to draw on a large body of research and to intensify links with colleagues, experts and friends in Japan: Keiko Sugawara joined a class via skype for Q+A about everything from seaweed to seawalls.

Last week we spoke with Professor Masao Hijikata to deepen the project relationship in Hashikami area.

These are just a few of the first coursework submissions:

lucas map 05
Lucas Wearne – Mapping historical development of Hashikami since 1969
hayden matthys_map 2_Hashikami history
Hayden Mattys – Mapping changing patterns of agriculture 1969 and 2011
hayden matthys__Research Proposal
Hayden Matthys – Research project Proposal
3_Reuben Hore-Waterhouse
Reuben Hore-Waterhouse – Overlay of inundation, destruction zones, urban patterns in Hashikami.
2 Evacuation Methods
Rhys Cousins – Understanding evacuation routes and distances, overlay with inundation areas in Hashikami.

Seawalls of Japan – Erosion

In January we visited a few large seawall structures around the Karakuwa peninsula, one of them in Okabe.

The structure here is 11.3m tall and constructed out of large concrete tiles over a sub structre of rubble/ rocks. What I observed on the structure in late January was early stages of the sub layers of rubble being eroded on the lower side of the structure near the water edge.  Some of the tiles were sitting on just a few remaining rocks with large parts of the substructure missing. Unfortunately I did not photograph the view into the hollow structure.

Small area of damage, tiles sinking. Possibly due to erosion of sub-material. Photo January 31 2016
Detail of concrete tile structure at Okabe.

Eroding substructures are pointing to the maintenance issue of these large structures. At present it is unclear how the walls are being maintained and how the associated cost of maintenance will be managed.

Photo by Masahito Abe, March 2016
Photo by Masahito Abe, March 2016