RMIT Landscape Architecture Design Studio_Affective Geometries

Affective Geometries Preview

An overarching hypothesis for the studio is embedded in the idea formulated by Hiroshi Naito who describes the relationship between detail construction, craftsmanship, material and landscape in the concept of “Protoscape”. Naito argues for timeless and purposeful Architecture informed by materiality and detail – specific to each landscape.

 “I would like to bring landscape to reside in the details, and to place architecture in an intermediate position between landscape and materials through a perpetual shifting between landscape and materials, in the design process.

To design is none other than to depict the character of the landscape seeking expression in the details.”

Hiroshi Naito, Innerscape

The Design Studio is at mid-point: the work has been positioned and we have exhibited the working models.

Now we are packing up to travel to Japan!

Follow us here for updates on the joint Studio and MoDDD study tour.

Thomas Flugge
Hayden Matthys
Reuben Hore-Waterhouse